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Communication Technologies & Consulting, LLC

De-Installation of Structured Cabling Systems:

De-Installation/Removal of Cable

CTC will de-install and remove old cable from any building upon request. Whether this is a customer that we will install new cable and remove old cable, or a customer who needs old cable to be removed from their premises. This service is ideal for property managers that have tenants who vacate without removing old cable.

* IDF and MDF
* Data Center
* Removal and Cable Removal Related Cleanup

Most of our cable removal services are completed without charge. Please contact Greg Snider at (301) 355-5106 for more information regarding this service.


De-Installation Background Information - National Electric Code (NEC)

Since 2002, the National Electric Code (NEC) demands the removal of all abandoned cable in existing buildings. Communication Technologies & Consulting, LLC (CTC) offers expert identification, removal and tagging of abandoned cabling. The NEC codes clearly point out dangers from the fire and toxic nature of low voltage telecom cables. These cables need to be removed, not just worked around, for the safety of both tenants and emergency responders. This work should only be performed by a licensed and bonded cable company like CTC, as the threat of mis-identification of abandoned cable can affect yours and other customers communications wiring if not tagged correctly.

"ABANDONED" refers to ANY cabling, from Riser closet to server room to end-user, which is no longer being used, wrong cable type (i.e. riser rated in plenum ceiling) or not tagged for future use. The definition of abandoned cable, as found in paragraphs 800.2 and 770.2 of the NEC 2002 book, states, "Installed communications cable that is not terminated at both ends at a connector or other equipment and not identified For Future Use with a tag".

For copper cable, paragraph 800.52(B) of the NEC code states, "The accessible portion of abandoned communications cables shall not be permitted to remain" Additionally, section 800.52(1) states that "abandoned cables in vertical runs shall not be permitted to remain". Article 770 states the same requirements for optical fiber risers and horizontal cables.

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